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This project “AUTO-IP CONFIGURATION” is practically implementable for MNC’s and colleges in both live and laboratory conditions. In the project, we are using the concepts of assigning IP addresses to the required user (via DHCP), gateway assignments and implementations of proxy server, all using IP-tables.

This project is useful on the administrator end. The project automatic configures the whole procedure of assigning and implementation according to the requirement of users.
First using dialog utility it collects all information for configuration according to the administrator by the user manually. Security provided by using “IP-table advanced rules”. It makes user-friendly environment by  dialog” utility.

If gateway receives any of the client’s requests of port no. 80, it redirects the requests to the proxy server on port no. 3128. Proxy filters the requests according to the rules and again sends these packets to the gateway .Now gateway send it to connect the internet.
The OS – “REDHAT- LINUX” is use because of its high secure functionality and it provides many of the options for configuring the servers. Packages for the project required; are inbuilt in REDHAT-LINUX, or we can download it through the internet.


The project can be implemented on both live and laboratory conditions. That mean the minimum requirement is –

  •  Processor: Pentium 3-4.
  •  RAM min. of 256 MB.
  •  Ethernet card that supports OS-LINUX.
  •  Fast Ethernet cables.

These requirements may change according to the load and according to the working environment.



  •  RPM for DHCP server with all known dependencies.
  •  RPM of Squid with all known dependencies.
  •  RPM of Dialog.


Download :


Password : CTprojects or codingtalks.com

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