Books Reviews System Project in ASP.NET Download

Books Reviews System Project in ASP.NET Download


Introduction :

This project allows users to post reviews regarding books. User can search for books, see the reviews posted by others, but must log in to post review. If a user is trying to post a review without logging in, user is redirected to login page to login first and then taken to add review page.

Only a few operations need user authentication. The rest of the pages can be accessed by any user.


Project Features :

  • Asp.Net 4.0
  • C# Language
  • SQL Server 2005/2008 Express Edition
  • Visual Studio.NET 2010
  • Layered Architecture with Presentation Layer (PL) and Data Access Layer (DAL)
  • DAL uses LINQ to talk to SQL Server
  • All database operations are done through LINQ To SQL
  • ObjectDataSource is used in presentation layer to talk to DAL.
  • DataList, FormView, ListView and GridView are used to display details
  • CMailServer is used for mailing
  • Master page and theme with stylesheet


Major operations in this application:

  • User Registration
  • Login
  • Password Recovery
  • Change password
  • Home Page – Lists available subject
  • List of books based on a subject
  • List of most popular books based on ratings given by users
  • Add Review
  • Search books based on title
  • Display books along with all reviews and ratings
  • Logout


Steps to run this Project :

  • Download Books_Reviews_System By CodingTalks.zip and unzip it into any directory in your system. For example, if you extract to c: then it will create a directory c:booksreviews.
  • Open Visual Studio.NET 2010
  • Open the project from the directory into which you extracted project. For example, c:booksreviews
  • Database (Database.dbf) is placed in App_Data and it contains required tables and stored procedures
  • Go to Solution Explorer and make default.aspx the startup page.
  • Run project from Visual Studio.NET 2010.
  • You should see Default.aspx page.
  • Create new user using registration page and then login with that user name and password
  • Search for books and post review.


Download :



Password : CTprojects or codingtalks.com

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