Call Center Management System Project in VB

Call Center Management System Project in VB



Call Center Management System Project in VB : 

This project aim to complete call center management. This project is based in VB/VB.NET and my Sql Database.Every team have two team leader one is head and other is assistant. Each team has 12 members including leaders. 5 teams working over the project have a team supervisor that is basically responsible for distributing the work among teams. At the top most level there is a person called project manger who is responsible for distributing the different projects to different supervisor. And schedules time charts for each project that is further broke by the below team people to do the project.

Objective : 

To collect the different project reports and grade them according to their presentation and successfulness.
To award different teams for their performances.
To grade the team members according to their professional and personal attitudes.
To check whether the work progress is according to the chart or not.
To distribute the different projects among the different supervisors.
To schedule different project in different timetables.
To distribute timetables among the teams.
To organize different shifts for different teams.
To check and compute work progress of the teams.

Tools & Environment : 

Language :Visual basic
Back end : Oracle8
Visual basic covers every aspect of programming,from educational applications to databases, and from financial applications to Internet components.Visual basic has two-database access technology.To design desktop we can use VB-script, which is a subset of visual basic, and object oriented technology. Visual basic have several tools for automating the development of Web Pages like HTML & DHTML and development of web application. Visual basic provides IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the basic principles of developing applications with visual tools and event programming.
A project in visual basic is the central mechanism used to verify and coordinate the elements of a visual basic application. Creating project is usually the first step in the process of developing a visual basic application. Project keeps track of the locations of the components used within the project and access related libraries of the program that are stored in a common directory and used by many applications. An exe file is generated in order to run the project. When an EXE is generated from a project all the elements of the project are gathered and run according to the action performed. A DOB is V.B database technology used to access the data from the databases.
Oracle database connectivity is used to connect V.B and oracle. MDSQL is a set of API used for executing SQL statements. A DOB consists of a set of classes and record set objects and interfaces to enable programmer to make connections and to write SQL statements.

Project Contents :

  • Source Code
  • Report
  • DFD

Download :


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