Computer Science Project ideas 2012

Computer Science Project ideas 2012 :

In this post I’m listing some projects for all the the final year students who need to submit project. If you preferred C# , Visual C++ , VB.NET Language then you check the following projects ideas. This post will help you to select a better project.

Projects in C# net : 

  1. Multithreaded Chat Server C# Net
  2. Reading and Writing AVI files using steganography C# Net
  3. Steganography for Hiding Data in Wave Audio Files C# Net
  4. TCPIP Chat client server Using C# C# Net
  5. Neural Networks for Unicode Optical Character Recognition C# Net
  6. Using Trigonometry and Pythagoras to Watermark an Image C# Net
  7. Library Management System C# Net
  8. Steganography for FTP through a Proxy Server C# Net
  9. Artificial intelligence network load balancing using Ant Colony Optimization C# Net
  10. CVS Root File Changing Utility C# Net
  11. C# MP Compressor C# Net
  12. Convolution Filters Using Image Processing C# Net
  13. Database Schema Comparison Utility C# C# Net
  14. Displacement filters, including swirl using GDI+ C# Net
  15. Edge Detection Filters C# Net
  16. Flood Fill Algorithms in C# and GDI+ C# Net
  17. Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM C# Net
  18. Hiding binary data in HTML documents C# Net
  19. Hiding Messages in MIDI Songs C# Net
  20. Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture C# Net
  21. Image Processing C# Net
  22. Windows Management Instrumentation WMI Implementation C# Net
  23. Image Processing for Bilinear Filters and Resizing C# Net
  24. Image processing for HSL color space C# Net
  25. Image Processing for Per Pixel Filters using GDI+ C# Net

Projects in Visual C++

  1. The File Digest program and the C++ implementation of some Message-Digest algorithms VC++
  2. File Encryption and Encrypted text embedding in an image VC++
  3. Performance Evaluation of DISTANCE Routing Algorithm in MANET VC++
  4. Crypto-graphically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol VC++
  5. Intrusion Detection Prevention And Trace back Systems VC++
  6. Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten and Digits VC++

Projects in VB.NET 

  1. FTP Explorer VB Net
  2. Convolution Filter VB Net
  3. Find and Replace utility VB Net
  4. Apartment Management System VB Net
  5. Computerized Information Software VB Net
  6. Employee Management System VB Net
  7. Hotel Management System VB Net
  8. Human Resources Management System VB Net
  9. Inventory System VB Net
  10. Membership Management System VB Net
  11. Patient Care System VB Net
  12. Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net
  13. Trainee Management System VB Net
  14. Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net VB Net
  15. Library Management system VB Net
  16. Windows Management Instrument (WMI) Net VB Net
  17. Wallpaper Changer Utility VB Net
  18. Win Application for Word Processing VB Net
  19. Screen capture Utility VB Net
  20. HTML Editor VB Net
  21. Image Converter VB Net
  22. Internet History Viewer VB Net
  23. VB Net Smart Mail Transfer Protocol VB Net
  24. Windows Multi File Search utility VB Net
  25. Message Digest VB Net

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