Computerized Banking System In C++ Project

 Computerized Banking System In C++ Project

C Programming

Introduction : 

Change is the way of life. The life of man is an indication of what is beyond him and what determines the course of his thoughts, feelings and action. Ever since, the origin of mankind, the things have been changing for the betterment of life on earth. Man has always been aiming at getting the output of its actions in the shortest span of time and by least possible effort. This is being achieved through various inventions and discoveries in the form of tools, machine and method.
Machines have invented to help the thinking skill of man. Undoubtedly, computer invention is greatest boom. Unsurprisingly, computer has become an integral part of our life today. Its accuracy and fast speed is beyond imagination. The main objectivity of the computer is to transfer input into useful output though electronic processing. As they generate information, computer system often called information system too.
Learning is the objective of an education system. I have worked on “COMPUTERIZED BANK SYSTEM”, A computerized banking system for maintain accounts and other transaction in bank which becomes easier by computer.

In this project we used handling mechanism in C++. In this project the record of the customer can be added, updated, searched and deleted. It provide simplex way using console application of C++ & No graphics component are added. The main target user of this project are the C++ beginners who want to make the project in C++ and especially those who are interested in File handling. This projects is complete package to learn how to use file as database.

 T00ls & Enviourment :

While developing this project we used the tools (S/W and H/W) ,  these  tools are the basis of any project through which the project can be developed  ,modified in a sound and  good  way .Generally these tools are too much helpful for any project .So these tools are basically classified into tow categories:-

  1. Software tools :
    • DOS
    • C++
  • Hardware tools
    • MOUSE

 Need of Computerization :

1.Time Saving :- Since computer has an incredible speed while performing arithmetic and other operation .Million of calculation can performed in a fraction of second ,thus it consume very less time all most incomparable to the time needed for some task manually.

2.Perfect Memory :- A pert from high speed these  computers have an effects memory and capable of storing and recalling huge amount of data of instructions instantaneously in a perfectly accurate and required manner. Also back up facility of computer provide safe storage of company record.

3. Accuracy :- Since the computer are extremely accurate device and perform a large number of operation with great precision .Company can really relied on the task by the computer .

4. Efficent Operation :-By the use of computer works run smoothly and efficiently as it provides  necessary information’s.

Developer’s  responsibility  overview :

  • The developer is responsible for developing the system
  • Installing the software  on the client’s software
  •   For  conducting  any user  training that might be needed  for using the system.
  • Maintaining the system for a period of the one –year after installation .

Problem  definition :-

The program deals with various aspects of the COMPUTERISED BANK SYSTEM which when done manually creates various problems .The major problem in manual system are creating  the records of the Employee, Account , Branch and the staff member for maintaining them ,and this becomes more  difficult in case  of large number of Employee and this staff members.

Projects Contents :

  • Source Code
  •  Executable File
  • Project Report


Download :



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