Download Ebook Shopping Project in JSP With Report

Download Ebook Shipping Project in JSP With Report

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The topic is chosen for the project is “eBook Shop” as it deals with real life shortcomings related to business issues. This topic is chosen by me to develop practical techniques and tools applied to the project.

The “eBook Shop” is necessary for those people who are wanted to ask questions about the different books with respect to subject names or author names.

“eBook Shop” is the web-based system for managing the book shop. Customers of this system can search for a book; can purchase a book in online. On the other hand the stock of books can be maintained online by the book shop manager or administrator in online.




 The main objectives of this project are to maintain the book store and to sale the books to the customer in online.
The project can be divided into two modules –

  • Administrator Module
  • Customer Module

In the Administrator Module, the administrator can maintain the stock of the books of the book shop. Thus the administrator can add some book details, delete some book details or modify some book details. Normal users are not allowed to access the administrator module.

In the Customer Module, in online a customer can:-

  • Visit the website.
  • Search for a book according to book title.
  • Search for books according to author name.
  • Search for a book according to subject name.
  • Can select any books for purchase.
  • Can de-select the selected books.
  • Can purchase the selected books in online using credit card or debit card.


Project Category :


The project will be worked as online model with multi-user facility.


Tools/Platform, Hardware and Software Requirement Specifications


Tools :


  1.  Front End Tools:            Java, JSP.
  2.  Back End Tools:             Oracle-9i.
  3.  Edit Tools:                         Edit Plus.
  4.  Platform:                            Windows XP.



  1.  Intel Pentium IV/ Celeron Processor and above.
  2.  512 MB RAM and above.


  1.            Operating System:   Windows XP/ 2000 Server/ 2000 Adv Server/ 2000 Professional.
  2.            Software:                     JDK1.5.
  3.             Front- End Purpose:               HTML/ DHTML, XML, JSP.
  4.             Database:                    Oracle 8i/9i (as back end)
  5.             Server:                          Tomcat 4.x or upper version.


 Problem Definition :

The online customer can do the following operations:

  • Customer can visit the website.
  • Customer can search for books according to book title.
  • Customer can search books according to author.
  • Customer can search books according to subjects.
  • Customer can select books for purchasing.
  • Customer can place order for books.

On the other hand, an administrator can do the following operations:

  • Book stock update.
  • Verify the customer order.


Download :


Password : CTprojects or codingtalks.com

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  1. Arnab says:

    please send me the database queries and tell me how to run it on Eclipse or Apache tomcat or Netbeans? Can I use MySql as database?

  2. anil says:

    I would be doing a project in jsp for my college project . it basically deals with dbms of a college .
    How to code in jsp as i am new to jsp language.


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