Download Online Banking System Project in ASP.NET

Download Online Banking System Project in ASP.Net




Introduction :

Change is the way of life. The life of man is an indication of what is beyond him and what determines the course of his thoughts, feelings and action. Ever since, the origin of mankind, the things have been changing for the betterment of life on earth. Man has always been aiming at getting the output of its actions in the shortest span of time and by least possible effort. This is being achieved through various inventions and discoveries in the form of tools, machine and method.
Machines have invented to help the thinking skill of man. Undoubtedly, computer invention is greatest boom. Unsurprisingly, computer has become an integral part of our life today. Its accuracy and fast speed is beyond imagination. The main objectivity of the computer is to transfer input into useful output though electronic processing. As they generate information, computer system often called information system too.
Learning is the objective of an education system. I have worked on “Online Banking System Project in ASP.NET”, A computerized banking system for maintain accounts and other transaction in bank which becomes easier by computer.

Hardware Requirement :

1)           Processor :- Dual Core or above.
2)           RAM :- 128 MB or above.
3)           Hard Disk :- 80 GB or above.
4)           Monitor :- 17” CRT or above.
5)           Mouse :- Optical.
6)           CD-ROM.
7)           Internet Connection.


Software Requirement :

1)               Operating system :- Windows XP.
2)               Front end :- Microsoft visual studio 2008.
3)               Back end :- Microsoft SQL server 2005.

Projects Contents :

1. Source Code.
2. Executable File.
3. Project Report

Download :

Password : CTprojects or codingtalks.com


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