Electronic Shop Management System Project in VB.NET with Report

Electronic Shop Management System Project in VB.NET with Report




The software project is initiated by the client needs. In the beginning, these needs are in the minds of various people in the client organization. The requirement analyst has to identify the requirements by talking to these people and understanding their needs. For such systems, the requirements problem is complicated by the fact that the needs and requirements of the system many not to be known even to the user-they have to be visualized and created. Hence, identifying requirements necessarily involves specifying what some people have in their minds. When inputs from multiple people are to be gathered, as is often the case, these inputs are likely to be inconsistent as well.




This project is aimed at providing an economically feasible security and communication system that will provide very good features that can fulfill the security needs of a small organization. The project will be supposed to implement the storage of products so that a large collection could be maintained with minimum storage space. This project will also be able to provide reports of products sold to the customer and brought to the store.



The project could be implemented in an average sized organization. An average company will not be very keen on spending loads of money on ledgers. Where as our project will greatly reduce the costs which is using common and cheap office items like database and desktop application. And also there is no requirement to store books or accounts. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.

Hardware Requirements:


Pentium III, 700 MHz, 40 GB HDD, 256 MB RAM, A CD Writer / Reader, A Color Monitor.

Software Requirements:


  • Vb 6.0
  • MS Access
  • MS Windows XP
  • For the Front-End I intend to use Visual Basic and for the Backend MS Access will be used.


Download :


Password : CTprojects 

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