Employee Management System Project in C++ with Report

Employee Management System Project in C++ with Report


C Programming

Introduction :


This project covers Employee Management Information System, which helps to develop the various software projects. This project is very much effective, interactive and can be used easily. Using these tools we can develop any project in very short period and outputs can be obtained in best manner. For ex we can use these tools in development of employee management system, person information diary, automatic billing system, call record, and many more. The project contains functions to add, update, delete, and create database in C++.

It is developed using graphics in C++, which make this project more users friendly and interactive to use. Also due to use of graphics the presentation of the project becomes attractive and it also makes it different from other such application developed previously.

In addition to this the project also contains a game developed in C++ using graphics as and additional part, which can be played as for mind sharpness.

Requirements :

The program doesn’t need any special hardware or software to run it can run on minimum hardware requirements. In software part also it only needs an operating system with C++ compiler on it.


1. Hardware requirements

Intel Pentium II Processor 233 Mhz. with min 64 MB RAM

2. Software Requirements

Windows 98 onwards.

C++ editor/Compiler

Project Contains : 


Project Report

Source Code

Executable File



Download :




Password : CTprojects

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  1. manoj says:

    looking for employee management system requirements

  2. Manas says:

    any code for staff/employee management system in java??
    it will be very helpful if you provide it to me..

  3. Cjc says:

    need employee leave managment system without graphic, but using class…..

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