IGNOU BCA Project List

IGNOU BCA Project List



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Project in Windows Platform :



C/C++ Projects :


  1. Reducing the file size by splitting and merging
  2. File Transfer Protocol
  3. Keyboard display system
  4. Data Structure Tutor
  5. Music player for wave file
  6. Ubercart
  7. Airway reservation
  8. Multi Purpose System
  9. MP3 streaming simulation
  10. Distributed file system
  11. Light weight web server
  12. Local Area Network Monitor


Java Projects :


  1. Improving Network performance using  HTTP caching proxy server
  2. Intelligent Text Mining
  3. Intruder Alarm System
  4. Help Desk…struts/windows
  5. Hotel Management System
  7. Work order system for call centre
  8. Company information processing system
  9. Human resource management system
  10. Online Image Processing  Editor
  11. Wireless LAN Monitoring And Controlling Tool
  12. Virtual Class Room
  13. Web Spider
  14. Network Fault Detection With MAC Authentication
  15. Java bulk messaging system
  16. Energy saving system for software company
  17. Simulation of intrusion detection system
  18. Watch what you want
  19. J2EE Web Based Services with integrated text to speech synthesis
  20. Design of network management system
  21. Video over IP
  22. Mail Server
  23. IE Peer Talk
  24. Geographical Data Acquisition System a real time web service
  25. Network traffic analyzed by Packet monitoring in java
  26. Cryptographic Versus Trust-based Methods for MANET Routing Security
  27. Mitigating Performance Degradation in Congested Sensor Networks
  28. Career Information Maintenance System
  29. Network sniffer
  30. Chatting Server
  31. Implementing Simple Network Management Protocol
  32. Traffic Management System
  33. Enterprise Management System
  34. Online Banking
  35. Digital Signature
  36. Advanced automobile services for vehicles
  37. Advance student monitoring system using java through sms
  38. Resume Grabber
  39. peerTalk: A Peer-to-Peer Multi-Party Voice-Over-IP System
  40. Marketing survey of liquor company
  42. Online Photo Gallery Management
  43. SPY-NET
  44. Students attendance monitoring using fingerprint scanner
  45. TCPIP Chat Client Server using java
  46. Bus Tracker




PHP Projects : 


  1. Inventory Management System
  2. Huge library at u home
  3. Online advertising selling and auction of  the  house
  4. Advanced exam for engineer students
  5. Online Auction
  6. Speed Fund Transfer
  7. Development of E-POST Office System
  8. Apply leave from u r home by leave management system
  9. Development of featured-rich, practical online employee transfer application
  10. Advance movie ticket booking system
  11. Tracking the issues and defects in software companies.
  12. Advanced recruitment process in software companies


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