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Creating applets is different from creating a simple application. Java applets run and are displayed inside a Web page with other page elements, and therefore have special rules for how they behave. Because of these special rules for applets, creating an applet may in many cases be more complex than creating an application.

For example, to create a simple Hello World applet, instead of merely being able to print a message as a set of characters, you have to make space for your message on the Web pages and then use special font and graphics operations to paint the message to the screen.

Creating the Source File :

In this example, you’ll create a simple Hello World applet, place it inside a Web page, and view the result. As with the Hello World application, you’ll first create the source file in a plain text editor.shows the code for the example :

The Hello World applet.

Save that file just as you did the Hello World application, with the filename exactly the same as the name of the class. In this case the class name is HelloWorldApplet, so the filename you save it to would be HelloWorldApplet.java. As with the application, I put the file in a directory called CodingTalk, but you can save it anywhere you like.

Compiling the Source File :

The next step is to compile the Java applet file. Despite the fact that this is an applet, you compile the file exactly the same way you did the Java application, using one of the following procedures:

Including the Applet in a Web Page :

If you’ve typed the file correctly, you should end up with a file called HelloWorldApplet.class in the same directory as your source file. That’s your Java applet file, to have the applet run inside a Web page you must refer to that class file inside the HTML code for that page using the <APPLET> tag.

The HTML with the applet in it.

Output :

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