Online Clinic Management System Project in PHP

Online Clinic Management System Project in PHP


PHP Programming

Description :  This is a medical management system, assisting user to administer a huge data in clinic. In addition, another function is allowing doctor, nurses and the administrative staff. On the client point of view, this is a faster and easeful way to link to the healthcare service by using the system. ‘Clinic Management System – CMS’ is specially designed for general clinic, this system let them have a high efficiency management tools, computerize and systematic patients record, detail of drug information, this is the first achievements of the medical services.

Medical services computerize is an irresistible general trend, this web site will provide medical information for the client, the user can find out a message they care. CMS provide on line appointment feature, which allow patients to make the appointment through Internet. Furthermore, doctors can manage the clinic daily work by using CMS.


Patient Function : CMS – allow patients to browse the doctor’s schedule. In order to supply a direct appointment way on web, this feature provide a convenience practice which can avoid telephone line busy, or time consuming which cause by forming line at the clinic. CMS will show out the doctors’ schedule of the current month, the patients only need to select the appropriate doctor whom they want to see. The patient will clearly know their occupied time.


  • Making appointment is several simple steps. The patients can log in by using the User ID and Password, which are written on the consultation card. For the first time to log in, the patients can register on the web site and get their own ID and Password.
  • Each patient owns his consultation card, Doctors and patients can use their consultation card number to check and review the Medical history.
  • The Patients can check their own Medical history through the web browser, which include the patient info, such as Name, address, age, sex, blood group, record of diagnose, any allergic reaction.


Download :


Password : CTprojects 

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