Online Voting System Project in ASP.NET with Report

Online Voting System Project in ASP.NET with Report 


Introduction :

The Project ” Online Voting System ” aims at making the voting process very simple in cooperative societies. The Advantage of the project over the ballot paper voting is that the counting is done manually which takes alot of time and also possibility of invalid votes. All these makes election a tedious task. In our proposed system voting and counting is done with the help of computer. we use ASP.NET to achieve our goal.

In online voting system people can cast their vote through the internet. In order to prevent voter frauds we use two levels of security. A user id and password are used as the first level of security. The data entered by the user is verified with the contents of the database, if the data is correct then the face of the voter is captured by a web camera and sent to the database. The web page is designed using ASP.NET .The ASP page is then connected to the Microsoft sql sever database. The ASP page is served from an IIS server. In the second level of security the face of the person is verified with the face present in the database and validated using matlab. The comparison of the two faces is done using Eigen face recognition algorithm. The scheme is based on an information theory approach that decomposes face images into a small set of characteristic feature images called ‘eigenfaces’, which are actually the principal components of the initial training set of face images. Recognition is performed by projecting a new image into the subspace spanned by the eigenfaces (‘face space’) and then classifying the face by comparing its position in the face space with the positions of the known individuals.

Project contains following Things :

1. Project Source Code

2. All Required DFD’s

3. Project Report in PDF/Doc

4. Executable Code

Download :


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8 Responses to "Online Voting System Project in ASP.NET with Report"

  1. Akhilesh says:

    Please send me complete project.
    Thank you !

  2. Akhilesh says:

    Please send me complete project.
    Thank You!

  3. Surya says:

    please send me the online voting system project fully…

  4. yallaling says:

    please send me the project…

    i need it for reference plz…….

  5. Marley says:

    i’m doing my final year project about student council online election.i really need the Online Voting System as my reference.please e-mail the report/documentation complete with DFD and ERD. This is my e-mail fifi_bloom@yahoo.com . Hope to hear from u soon.thanks

  6. Saunak says:

    Please send me a complete project of ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM using ASP.Net (C#)
    in saunak.hit@gmail.com

  7. kalyani says:

    plz send me the full project in asp.net or vb.net

  8. Vishal says:

    Please send me the complete project..i need it..plzzzzzz

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