Real-Time Scheduling Projects Idea



  1. Real-time systems
  2. Real-time scheduling algorithms
  3. Fixed-priority algorithm (RM)
  4. Dynamic-priority algorithm (EDF)
  5. Real-Time Systems
  6. Performance measure
  7. Timeliness on timing constraints (deadlines)
  8. Speed/average case performance are less significant.
  9. Key property
  10. Predictability on timing constraints
  11. Real-Time Workload
  12. Job (unit of work)
  13. a computation, a file read, a message transmission, etc
  14. Attributes
  15. Resources required to make progress
  16. Timing parameters
  17. Real-Time Task
  18. Task : a sequence of similar jobs
  19. Periodic task (p,e)
  20. Its jobs repeat regularly
  21. Period p = inter-release time (0 < p)
  22. Execution time e = maximum execution time (0 < e < p)
  23. Utilization U = e/p
  24. Deadlines: Hard vs. Soft
  25. Hard deadline
  26. Disastrous or very serious consequences may occur if the deadline is missed
  27. Validation is essential : can all the deadlines be met, even under worst-case scenario?
  28. Deterministic guarantees
  29. Soft deadline
  30. Ideally, the deadline should be met for maximum performance. The performance degrades in case of deadline misses.
  31. Best effort approaches / statistical guarantees
  32. Schedulability
  33. Property indicating whether a real-time system (a set of real-time tasks) can meet their deadlines
  34. Real-Time Scheduling
  35. Determines the order of real-time task executions
  36. Static-priority scheduling
  37. Dynamic-priority scheduling
  38. RM (Rate Monotonic)
  39. Optimal static-priority scheduling
  40. It assigns priority according to period
  41. A task with a shorter period has a higher priority
  42. Executes a job with the shortest period


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