Social Networking Site Project in ASP.NET Download

Social Networking Site Project in ASP.NET Download




Social networking-community site provides communication to various employees of the company and also employees can get also the features as current community site.


  • Registration :  When Employees want to add in this application it easily to registration in this application.
  •  Manage profile : Employees easily edit profile to desire change.
  • Search Employees : Employees easily search other employees by employee information.
  • Request for employees : Employees can find another employees then send a request for join and add inn own account.
  • Scrap Send and receiver scrap by employees.
  • Photo Gallery : Employees can easily upload photos own employees account easily.
  • Chat :It is easily communicating with online employees.
  • Feedback :  If employees want communicating with employees its feel feedback and send that feedback it direct connect with admin and read that connect.


Hardware and Software :


Hardware :


Processor                            : Intel Pentium-IV Process

Random Access Memory       :  (Minimum) 512 MB

Hard Disk                            : 20 GB


 Software :


Front-End                       : Visual Studio 2008

Web Server                      : IIS 5.1

Back End                        : SQL server 2005

Support                         : Framework 2.0

Operating System            : Windows XP (service pack 2)

Supporting tools               : Microsoft Word for document


Project Contents :


  • Project Report
  • SRS
  • DFD
  • PPT
  • Source Code
  • Source Code



Download :


Password : CTprojects 

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  1. vijay says:

    Thnx for rar file of this project

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  3. Dinesh says:

    sir it asking password.what is the password to extract rar file?

  4. dev says:

    How to download the project plese tell ne sir

  5. Anil says:

    hello sir how can i download this project’s rar file. . ?

  6. kretika says:

    i need to submit my project in my college on monday on social networking site using .net..please help me by providing me with the code asps…

  7. kretika says:

    I need a project in social networking site using .net to submit in my college on monday..please help me by sending the code and all required documents asap..

  8. Levin says:

    Hey bro.. Thank u so much for this project. I was waiting for error free website project.

  9. kartheek says:

    sir please send me the back up file of these project to tanikondakartheek@gmail.com

  10. krispan says:

    I’m studying asp.net web codings. so i am interested in this. Need the password to unzip….

  11. Nayana says:

    plz send me this whole project with documentation i have really need.i have to submit my proj in clg 27march plz send me urgent at nmarodkar05@gmail.com

  12. tom says:

    it is a nice project

  13. Ajaz BELIM says:

    I need a social networking website in ASP.Net using Visual Basic 2008 to submit in college by friday as miniproject. We have not to use C# and any other tool but only ASP.Net.So please send me the source code of your website.

  14. Narasimha says:

    Hi i am narasimha, please send me , whole project of developing social networking site, i have really need it please yar,its urgent.

  15. Vinayak says:

    i need social networking website to understand the many to many relationship management how it is actually implemented…

  16. Vinayak says:

    sir how to download the .rar file for this project i really need it please help

  17. bala says:

    i interested with “Social Networking Site” development please send me the project (or) instruct me to

    develop the project. My Email ID is ” balasekar.v@gmail.com

  18. manoj says:

    plz send me this whole project with documentation i need it to submit in the college.

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    plz send me this whole project with documentation i have really need.i have to submit my proj in clg 27march plz send me urgent at anuragsarkar19@gmail.com

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    Please send the project to sahu.ankitch@gmail.com
    need it.

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