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Abstract : 

 The Internet as a whole does not use secure links, thus information in transit may be vulnerable to interception as well. The important of reducing a chance of the information being detected during the transmission is being an issue now days. Some solution to be discussed is how to passing information in a manner that the very existence of the message is unknown in order to repel attention of the potential attacker. Besides hiding data for confidentiality, this approach of information hiding can be extended to copyright protection for digital media. In this research, we clarify what steganography is, the definition, the importance as well as the technique used in implementing steganography. We focus on the Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique in hiding messages in an image. The system enhanced the LSB technique by randomly dispersing the bits of the message in the image and thus making it harder for unauthorized people to extract the original message.

Introduction : 

The objective of steganography is to hide a secret message within a cover-media in such a way that others cannot discern the presence of the hidden message.
Technically in simple words “steganography means hiding one piece of data within another”.
Modern steganography uses the opportunity of hiding information into digital multimedia files and also at the network packet level. Hiding information into a media requires following elements.

  • The cover media(C) that will hold the hidden data
  • The secret message (M), may be plain text, cipher text or any type of data
  • The stego function (Fe) and its inverse (Fe-1)
  • An optional stego-key (K) or password may be used to hide and unhide the message.

The stego function operates over cover media and the message(to be hidden)along with a stego-key (optionally) to produce a stego media (S).
The schematic of steganographic operation is shown.
Steganography and Cryptography are great partners in spite of functional difference. It is common practice to use cryptography with steganography.



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