Stock Market Project in VB


Stock Market Project in VB : 

This projects application designed in Visual Basic. Aim of the project is to complete stock management. This is a complete project based on shares from share markets all over the world.The following project is a study of the Stock Market.The capital market includes the stock market and the bond market. A stock market is a market for the trading of company stock and derivatives. 

The objectives of my internship are as follows:

• Understanding the various activities in an E- Broking firm.
• To get acquainted with all the workings of online trading.
• To gain practical knowledge in share trading
• To analyze the financial market & the share movements in order to study the prospects of investing in a particular stock or sector.


Scope :

The scope of this project is limited to only one sector i.e. oil sector. This project  is concerned with only one sector in the stock market. The project does not  extend its scope to any other sector of companies.   Source of information for this project is only secondary data. The data about the oil sector, the government policies with respect to the sector, and the Information about the companies is all gathered from secondary sources, available on the websites, annual reports, business magazines.


Project Contents :

  • Source code
  • Report
  • DFD


Download :



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  1. haseena says:

    please can you explain about the software requirement specification of share market project

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