Structural Design in VHDL

 VHDL Programming

Structural Design :

We have complete the study of Entity & Architecture with example (If not click here). Another way to write the mux design is to instantiate subcomponents that perform smaller operations of the complete model. With a model as simple as the 4-input multiplexer that we have been using, a simple gate level description can be generated to show how components are described and instantiated. The architecture shown below is a structural description of the mux entity.


This description uses a number of lower-level components to model the behavior of the mux device. There is an inverter component, an AND gate component and an orgate component. Each of these components is declared in the architecture declaration section, which is between the architecture statement and the BEGIN keyword.
A number of local signals are used to connect each of the components to form the architecture description. These local signals are declared using the SIGNAL declaration.



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