Travelling Agency Project in C++

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Travelling Agency Project :

 Now a day every traveling agency manager has need to maintaining customer details. For this purpose, need the software which could easily and conveniently maintain the customer details. The record of customer can be stored in the single file. This software can be used in several traveling agencies for keeping the records of the customer and also used to add record of school trip, government officer Holiday, family trip and large industries traveling record.


This project “Traveling Agency” includes some facilities of travel such as registration, search, display, modification, delete etc. This software searches the client data which is store in the record. The  software   used for arranging travel services, provide new and improved services, and identify travel related cost savings. 


Scope of project:

 The aim of project is to provide the traveling services to the customers at reasonable rate. Through this project provide the facilities to the customer such as registration, display, search, modify, delete etc.


  • Registration of new customer: In Registration option add the client information such as client name, address, client no, phone no, total cost of travels, date of registration
  • Display: In Display option, read the all client information such as client no, client name, address, phone no and cost.
  • Search: In search option, search the information about particular client ,such as client no client name, phone no, date of registration and cost.
  • Modify: In modify option, update the particular client no, name, address, phone no   and cost.
  • Delete: In delete option, delete the record of particular client no, name, address, phone no     cost and date of registration.


 Software Requirement Specification :


  • Functionality:The functionality requirment specify which output should be produced from the given input. In “Traveling agency’’ project , enter the input as all personal data (name, address, phone no, date) & traveling information & give desired output as total cost of traveling.
  • Performance: This part of SRS specifies performance constraints on the software system. All  the requirement relating to the performance characteristics of the system must be clearly specified.
  • Design constraints:There are number of factors in the client environment that may restrict the choices of  designer.
  • External interface : All possible interactions of the software with client, hardware & other software should be clearly specified.


Software requirements:


  •                     Turbo C
  •                     C++
  •                     Windows XP



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