VHDL Gray to Binary converter

VHDL Gray to Binary converter 



VHDL Programming

In this Article I’m Sharing How we can convert Gray Code into Binary Code .

Binary Codes : Binary Code is a way of representing the text or the data generated by the computers and other devices .

In binary coding the text or the data is represented in a stream of bits of 1’s and 0’s .


Gray Codes : Gary Codes are non weighted codes , that is they can not be provided a weight to calculate their equivalent in decimal . Gray codes are often called reflected binary code , the reason is clear if you compare the column of gray code with the binary code .

Gray To Binary Conversion : The conversion of gray to binary code also requires XOR’ing .but this time bits of gray code is XOR’ed with  output binary code bits .

The M.S.B is written as it is . then the output M.S.B in binary is XOR’ed with the adjacent bit in the gray code . and then the next adjacent bit if gray code  is XOR’ed with last obtained  binary bit .


See Code :



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